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When it comes to snacks that satisfy the salty tongue and the sweet tooth in your family, Flipz is the chocolate
covered poppable pretzel that offers the best of both worlds. So you never have to Snackrifice.

The brief: Highlight the deliciousness and snackablility of the Flipz product and make it appealing for the whole family.
But we had an insight: as parents you sacrifice a lot for the happiness of your family.
With Flipz, you get both salty and sweet so you never have to sacrifice when it comes to a family snack.

Results: With the first TV campaign to launch for the Brand since the early 90’s,
brand visibility increased, shelves were stocked, and ultimately gave the client confidence
to create an ongoing campaign for their product.



Beyond the insight, we wanted the flavors and textures to come to life.

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TEAM: Lauren Varvara CW, Daniel Lobaton CD