World Wildlife Fund




A collaborative pro-bono project from the WNW community, Earthsaver is a collection of the ‘17 Mac screensaver images retouched to show the effects of climate change. “The default Mac images are almost unrealistically pristine. With the way things are headed, it’s like the screensaver of the future would need updated images that reflect the actual world outside.” Those who download the images for their computer are taken to a direct donation page, where they can support the WWF.

The effort garnered attention on social media, especially during Earth Day. Using a simple medium with a simple message, we brought a larger message with larger consequences to light. 

Creative Director: Lauren Race

Contributors: Sofia Suazo, James Bueti, Preston Chaplin, Schuyler Higgins,Alessio Perez, David Nguyen, Joe Escobar, Juan Jose Egusquinza, Pamela Cook, Shir David, Belinda Muller, Rokas Mezetis, Jason Liu, Jeff Sottherwhaite, Helga Traxler, Karla Cordova

RECOGNITION: Upworthy, Working Not Working Magazine